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Designing with Distraction


Hi there! This is the first of what I hope will be many posts in the Distracted Designer blog. This post will give you a tiny bit of background about Designed by Distraction. Before I start though, here are some topics you'll find in coming blog posts.

  • Designing and buying for sensitive ears.
  • It's all about the puppies! Blending your cause and your business.
  • Natural materials in jewelry (and more) design.

Designing with Distraction

Why "Designed by Distraction"? Well ... One of the first things you might notice when you visit our store, especially the All Products page, is that our selection is very eclectic. We use a broad range of subject matter and styles, from basic charm earrings to ceiling fan pulls featuring tigers and rhinos! We even have jewelry sets made with handmade Venetian glass. Much of that frantic diversity comes from one thing - adult ADHD. Both of us (Gail and I) have it. l like to think it fuels our ideas and creativity, and provides a lot of options for our visitors. It can also provide its share of challenges. Sometimes it means we sell lots of one-of-a-kind pieces. After all, why make the same thing again when you can go do something new? Of course it takes the same amount of time to add a new product to the web store whether there's one or a hundred of them. Hmmm ... so it may not be the most efficient strategy. But it's fun. And hopefully it means we've got something for almost everyone. At least one of something. 

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